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Internal Medicine

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Your medical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases is the bedrock of health care. You are especially skilled in the management and treatment of patients who have multi or undifferentiated diseases and are tasked with putting the pieces of the puzzle together to establish a diagnosis. Your performance in this area required extensive training and education. How would it affect your income if you were no longer able to perform these responsibilities?

We understand what your job duties and what can disable you.

What if you developed multiple sclerosis and suffered muscle weakness and spasms making it difficult to maintain your balance? Or what if you were in a bike riding accident and fractured your pelvis? You may then be limited or completely unable to perform the unique duties of an Internal Medicine physician.

As a physician with years of education and training you understand the need for a specialist. We too are specialists in the disability insurance field. We know the best type of policy to protect you in your specialty and will guide you to the best policy for your unique needs.

Your medical specialty is the bedrock of health care. Your performance required extensive training and education.

What is your specialty?