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MassMutual Releases Free 3-Year Term Life Insurance Policy for Health Providers

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MassMutual released a special program for a limited time for healthcare providers.

If you work in a licensed hospital, urgent care center, or as an emergency medical service provider, you can take advantage of the MassMutual HealthBridge Program.

The program allows you to apply for a free 3-year term life insurance policy if you live or work in Massachusetts or Connecticut. This includes a $25,000 death benefit for applicants aged 18-50.

There is no physical exam necessary to qualify, just an easy online application (which you can find here). MassMutual will directly contact you after the application is received.

Additional information can be found on their website,

If you need more coverage than $25,000 and would like to start the process, please let us know. In addition to MassMutual, alternate carriers are now providing additional resources in order to expedite the insurance process to get applicants covered in a timely manner. If you would like to hear more about which carriers are offering accelerated underwriting or what the limits are to qualify for the expedited application process, please contact our team here for a quote or schedule directly here for a complimentary consultation.

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MassMutual Releases Free 3-Year Term Life Insurance Policy for Health Providers