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“I Hope My Agent Sold Me Disability Insurance!”

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I received an email this morning from the wife of a surgeon whom I spoke with years ago. She was hoping her husband had some physician disability insurance with me – some insurance they could use now because he is becoming disabled. She didn’t tell me the details of his disability, but it is too late for them anyway. I didn’t have good news for her.

Years earlier, her husband told me that he was happy with his disability insurance. He wasn’t interested in having me evaluate his policy and tell him how it compared with the high-quality, guaranteed-renewable, non-cancelable disability insurance I was offering.

After my email conversation with the surgeon’s wife, it dawned on me that I have had this conversation multiple times over the years. Doctors or their spouses have called me hoping they had bought disability insurance, even though they know they didn’t. When a disability occurred, they hoped against all odds that maybe they didn’t really tell me “no” years ago, and somehow they bought a policy they tucked away somewhere and can’t remember.

At the time I originally spoke with the surgeon all those years ago, he had a small amount of very low quality disability coverage through an association. I tried to tell him it was not adequate, but he was banking on the odds of a disability never happening to him.

Unfortunately, the odds were not in his favor.

Please don’t just “hope” you have disability insurance. We offer a review of your policy and can make sure you’re adequately covered, so if you call us again years from now, we can say “yes!”

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“I Hope My Agent Sold Me Disability Insurance!”