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How a Christmas Tradition Turned into a Physician Disability Claim

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Some claims are just too interesting to NOT share! On November 30th I had a call from a Radiologist with a ‘potential claim’ question. His question to me was, “If I lost partial vision does that make me eligible for a claim on my disability policy”? Well the answer is, “It depends.” Here’s his (unusual) story.

During the holidays, my client and his family were putting up their Christmas tree and hanging ornaments when a needle from the top fell. The sharp end happened to fall directly into my client’s eye – like a tiny spear sticking straight out. He plucked the needle out and applied some drops to alleviate some of the sensitivity to it, but that was it.

The next morning when he got up there was some slight swelling and redness, but more than anything it was very sensitive to touch and felt like it had pressure to it. At that point he made arrangements to immediately see an Ophthalmologist. The Ophthalmologist found that his vision in that eye was somewhere around 20/200 because of the pressure. After a full examination it was determined that a couple of prescription eye drops for dilation, antibiotic and some lubrication should take care of it.

Thirty days after the incident, my client’s vision returned. During that time, he did not loose any work or income. It was just a weird situation with an unknown outcome. Now that we know how this ‘potential claim’ worked out, let me share with you what his disability insurance contract allowed.

On his policy, he had a Non-Disabling Injury benefit of $3,000 PER INCIDENT and I am happy to say I saw the the carrier release $3,000 to my client. Now, we may not think $3,000 is not very much money, but it does pay him a tax-free benefit equal to the same amount as his next 19 months of premiums.

I use to think these types of claims were odd, but over the last 23 years of owning this business, I have come to realize anything can happen. Do you know how your contract would handle this ‘potential claim’? If you have questions or want to discuss your situation, let me know.

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How a Christmas Tradition Turned into a Physician Disability Claim