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A Supplemental Health Benefit to Your Physician Disability Insurance

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. The insurance carrier, Principal Financial Group, takes your income protection even further with a unique, built-in provision called the Supplemental Health Benefit. Here’s how it can help.

How It Works The Supplemental Health Benefit provides a once in a lifetime lump sum 6 times your monthly benefit if you were to become disabled under the policy and are diagnosed with Coronary Artery By Pass Graft Surgery, Cancer or Stroke. These are defined as:

• Coronary Artery By Pass Graft Surgery – Means the operative procedure for the correction of two or more blocked arties of the heart. This does not include angioplasty and/or any other intra-arterial procedures.

• Cancer – the presence of a malignant tumor characterized by the uncontrolled growth and metastasis of malignant cells, and the invasion of tissue. Includes: Leukemia and malignant melanoma. The following diagnoses are not covered; any non-invasive cancer in-situ, Hodgkin’s disease Stage 1, prostate cancer Stage A, papillary cancer of the bladder, all skin cancers except invasive malignant melanoma (starting with Clark Level III).

• Stroke – Any cerebrovascular incident producing neurological deficit lasting more than 24 hours and including infarction of brain tissue or hemorrhage into brain tissue. Evidence of neurological deficit for at least 90 days must be produced.

This benefit is included in your policy at no cost to you as a policy holder because the provision is built directly into Principal Financial Group’s contracts. Should you consequently become disabled and the disability is characterized by one of the above defined diagnoses, then you will be paid the lump sum in addition to your base policy coverage.

To learn more about this benefit and how it can supplement your contract specifically, please contact us today!

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A Supplemental Health Benefit to Your Physician Disability Insurance