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Our unbiased quote comparisons, expert knowledge, long-term relationships with the companies we represent, and our diligent ongoing policy service have made M.D. Disability Quotes the company of choice for physicians across the country.

Many employers offer Disability Insurance, but few offer Own-Occupation Disability Insurance. Physicians must supplement with a plan that protects their medical sub-specialties.


Disability Insurance

Protecting income is one of the primary risk management tools used by physicians. Since, Specialty Specific Disability Insurance contracts vary greatly, it is extremely important to have a contract that protects you not only as medical professional, but also in your specific medical specialty. You do not want a contract that will not pay in the event you can work in any other occupation. We can help design a plan for you.

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Life Insurance Planning

Physicians typically have many financial obligations by the time they transition from training to practice. Those in practice often have responsibilities not only to their families, but also to banks, partners,  and philanthropy. Life Insurance is a solution that many use, to prepare for catastrophic events. We can show you many cost effective ways to design your life insurance solutions and provide product education.

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Extended Care Planning

Long-Term Care is considered “Extended Care” and this planning involves plans to fund home care, adult day care, assisted living, and skilled nursing-home care. Our strategies look at each physician's individual situation to provide financial strategies looking at the whole picture as not one solution fits the needs of all. These plans will allow you to choose the life you want, to live at any stage of the aging process with dignity.


M.D. Disability Quotes has been providing Specialty-Specific Doctor's Disability Contracts and Life Insurance policies since 1993.

We are dedicated to:

  • Providing product knowledge to help you design your plan.

  • Focusing on implementing all necessary riders for your specific needs.

  • Delivering high communication and up-to-date technologies that expedite the process.

  • Working with the underwriters to get you the most favorable offer.

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For over 20 years, M.D. Disability Quotes has successfully matched thousands of physicians and medical professionals with the best disability policy at the best rates.

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Meet Our Nationally Recognized Team of Agents

Our experienced team of brokers are dedicated to focusing on your individual needs and providing all the information needed to find the best policies for you.

Download Our Physician Disability Insurance Guide

Disability Insurance is one of the most complex and misunderstood insurance products there is. Download our free guide to help you start your education.

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Debunking The Training Discount Deadline Myth

Every year, we see medical graduates doing a mad dash to buy their disability insurance by June 30th. This deadline date, however, is just a sales tactic. Learn the truth in our post.

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