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Wishing You a Safe 4th of July! (Because We Just Looked at the Stats)

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July 4, 2016 represents 240 years since our great nation was born! Our history is that of farmers, explorers and ship builders that led us to now be – arguably – the economically rich and powerful country in the world.

As independence is celebrated this weekend many of us will go watch fireworks, have picnic food with family and friends, and potentially shoot some of the fireworks off ourselves with friends or our children. In fact, the fireworks industry in the USA is about $750,000,000 (3/4 of a billion per year).

Fireworks accidents seriously injure just shy of 10,000 Americans (most of whom are under the age of 15) every year so be very careful. Last year, the great NFL star Jason Pierre-Paul who plays for the New York Giants had a firecracker go off in his right hand. It led to burnt fingers with one so bad it was amputated within the week. Now he has to be bandaged to the point of his hand being rendered useless to grab the football and help tackle in his job with the NFL.

It’s stories like this that quickly remind those of us working in the disability insurance field how important it is to be adequately covered. Be mindful of what you do, how you do it, and when you do it because we all have specialties. If you get put in a position where you lose the use of your hand, neck, back, heels, vision, or tactile function how does that affect your skilled position?

All of us at MD Disability Quotes wish you a happy – and safe! – 4th of July!

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Wishing You a Safe 4th of July! (Because We Just Looked at the Stats)