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Who to Buy Own Occupation From? Mini Video

🩺 Whether you are a physician, dentist or another medical professional, typically we recommend you purchasing your ‘Own Occupation’ plan while you are young and healthy. By doing so, you can rate lock your plan, be able to buy more coverage as an attending regardless of your risk factors and have no exclusions on your policies.


**Independent Brokers** are going to able to take these factors and then shop rates on your behalf:

☑️ Age
☑️ Gender
☑️ State of Residence
☑️ Are you in training?
☑️ Are you an attending? (there may still be discounts available)
☑️ Are you moving soon?
☑️ What riders do you want?

You should select an Independent Insurance Brokers that will be able to help you throughout your career and a team that you can count on over the years; one that works nationally to assist you as you may move throughout your career.


General Overview of Own Occupation Contracts
When should you buy this plan?
Who should you buy these plans from?
Select your Contract Type
Residual Disability Riders

Before you buy a plan, you should have answers to these questions:

💭How to collect income while disabled
💭How to obtain a portable plan as you move through practice
💭How to get your rates to renew each year as you age
💭How to protect yourself against future underwriting
💭How to guarantee no offsets if you have other income sources

Please let us know if you have specific questions on these elements and/or would like a review of your current plan.
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🚀 Tools and resources we recommend:
⚡️FREE Physician Resources:
⚡️FREE Physician’s Guide to Disability Insurance:
⚡️How Future Purchase Options Work:

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👍🏽Recommended Resources for specific specialties:

☑️Resources for FEMALES:

☑️Resources for Dentists:

☑️Resources for Federal Employees:

☑️Resources for Females:

☑️Resources for Residents and Fellows:

☑️Resources for Optometrists:

☑️ Resources for Podiatrists:

☑️Resources for Veterinarians:

☑️Resources for Physicians in the Military:

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PURE OWN OCCUPATION: The inability to perform the material and substantial duties of your occupation, even if gainfully employed in ANY other job; due to a disabling event.

TRANSITIONAL OCCUPATION: If you are unable to work in your specialty due to a disabling event, full benefits are payable to you but if you are working in another job; benefits can be reduced.

OWN SPECIALTY AND NOT ENGAGED: If you are unable to work in your specialty due to a disabling event, full benefits are payable if you are NOT working in another occupation.

OWN SPECIALTY FOR A LIMITED TIME, THEN ANY REASONABLE OCCUPATION: If you are unable to work in your specialty due to a disabling event, full benefits are payable for a limited time period and is usually 24-months.

RESIDUAL DISABILITY: A benefit will be paid if you are residually disabled and suffer a loss of income of at least 15% or 20% of your income.

WHAT IS ENHANCED RESIDUAL DISABILITY? This is the recovery rider that you can elect to have on your contract that pays a transitional benefit, if you return to work post disability but still have income loss.

WHAT IS BASIC RESIDUAL DISABILITY? This is the partial disability benefit, but without the recovery rider. You cannot select basic on MassMutual and Principal’s contract currently (as of 2021)

There needs to be an income loss based upon the contract’s definition after your waiting period is met. Some carriers let you have at least 50% of your base benefit as long as you meet the trigger, have income loss, among a few other provisions. Please contact us to give you assistance on which carrier, offers which version.

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Who to Buy Own Occupation From? Mini Video