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What Qualifies under the Cosmetic/Transplant Disability Insurance Claims?

In this video, we cover the Cosmetic/Transplant ancillary feature that only two of the “Big Six” carriers offer on their contracts for free.

We explain how it works and how this is different from the typical definition of disability which requires the disabling event to be an injury or illness that disables you.

There are a few companies that will actually cover if you elect to have a procedure to improve your appearance, or if you are a donor for transplant surgery.

So that is an interesting one, that some of the carriers will offer that and in addition to that, the basic own occupation definition.

Yeah, typically with those types of scenarios, they’re looking at organ donation or any plastic surgery. reconstructive surgery is not really counted there because that’s typically due to an injury that has happened. And so that will be covered immediately. But most carriers will actually cover the other two, once somebody’s had a policy for six months or longer. A good example that I would share is I had a client that donated a kidney to a sibling and ended up being disabled and was out of work for about 1214 months of our call correctly. And so that was covered underneath a disability claim because she had to have that policy for about two years at that point.

I find that interesting as an extra perk if that’s something that would make sense for you. Absolutely. Thank you for joining us on today’s episode of the amber Stitt show physicians edition. For more information about this podcast, books, articles, and more, please visit me at Amber For more information about physician insurance contracts, please listen to the entire physician edition podcast series or visit us at MD disability Thank you for listening

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What Qualifies under the Cosmetic/Transplant Disability Insurance Claims?