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Our Optometrist ‘Disability Guide’ Defined

In addition to helping physicians, our team also assists other medical professionals. We often work with Optometrists, another medical specialty who also need to protect their income in the event an illness or injury prevents them from working.

There is a big need to insure income in this specialty as many Optometrists are self employed so this drives the need for private AND business disability policies as well.

We have developed a Guide to Disability Insurance Contracts to help Optometrists and this video will assist in explaining the differences between the types that are out there. You can watch to learn about the differences and then refer to the FREE downloadable DI Guide found below.

We discuss the top 3 here:
1) Own Occupation / Pure Own Occupation
2) Transitional Occupation
3) Own Specialty Not Engaged
4) Own Specialty for a Limited Time, then any Reasonable Occupation is not discussed here as these are often found in group contracts.

By the end of the video, if you are an Optometrist, you should be able to identify which contract is right for you! We are happy to review your current plan or provide quotes for a new one.


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Our Optometrist ‘Disability Guide’ Defined