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The Non-disabling Feature of a Disability Insurance Policy

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A basic Ameritas disability insurance plan provides many important built-in features at no additional cost to you. One of my favorite, and I believe under-discussed, is the nondisabling injury feature. I don’t believe many – if any – DI carriers have a comparable feature.

A noteworthy aspect of a nondisabling injury feature is that it enables you to utilize your policy even when you had an event that was not disabling. The feature can reimburse you up to one half of your base benefit (with a cap of $3,000) if you suffer an injury that does not disable you but requires medical or dental treatment.

For example, suppose Larry falls and breaks an arm but expects a full recovery.  Larry could receive reimbursement for his medical expenses through the non-disabling injury benefit in his policy.

Getting the most out of a disability insurance policy should be important to everyone and it is certainly important to me. To find out more about this feature and the other features that will help you get the maximum benefit from your Ameritas policy, please contact us to speak to an experienced professional today.

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The Non-disabling Feature of a Disability Insurance Policy