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How not to earn money for students?

Students should not get involved with the following ways of earning:

  • Network marketing;

  • Sending spam and reading letters for a penny;

  • Illegal activity;

  • Financial pyramids.

All these areas are fraudulent or underpaid. Here you can not only lose hard-earned money, but also get into trouble with the law.

Earnings for international students

A foreigner studying in UK can earn in all of the above ways if he speaks English well enough. A native speaker of another language can work as an online tutor and in language courses completely freely. His unique knowledge will be appreciated. A foreign language teacher always has an advantage over those who have learned a foreign language at home.

No matter how the student earns money even by being a writer at, his desire to work is commendable. Every year education becomes more and more expensive, and not all families can fully cover the maintenance of a student from their own pocket. It is worth getting on your feet as early as possible, then upon receiving a diploma, a person will already have work experience, as well as the necessary skills to get a good job in life.


Quarantine can certainly be called a difficult time for everyone. In a difficult economic situation, it becomes difficult to earn enough even for adults who already have official jobs and are in good standing with their superiors. Salaries are cut, delayed, and sometimes employers are forced to simply fire even good employees.

Nothing to say about the students. Even in normal times, it is quite difficult for them to find a job. Now, with the appearance of great competition in the market, it has become even more difficult to become even an unofficial employee of the company. But there are several loopholes that will allow the student to earn money during quarantine restrictions.



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