What They Didn’t Teach You About Physician Disability Insurance in Medical School

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Many of my physician clients comment that disability insurance is very important protection for the investment they have made in their careers. However, they were not given information in medical school about what to look for in a physician disability insurance policy, or how to choose the best one.

Even worse, many of them ended up just taking the generic coverage offered by the one insurance carrier, “du jour,” who happened to have the contract to sell to residence at the time – no benefit comparisons between carriers – no price shopping.

I love reviewing these kinds of polices for my clients because with our access to the leading carriers and negotiated discounts, combined with our experience, we can frequently offer them the specialty disability insurance protection that is actually right for them – and at the best rates.

Why not contact us for a physician disability policy review? It is a simple process that will let you know if your coverage is really providing the protection you hope it is.

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