What happens when you lose your income due to a disabling event?

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Protecting your income is an important part of maintaining your financial security. If you think about it, we protect our homes and cars with insurance. Why not protect our income as well?

Think about what your income is used for. Not only do we use our income to pay for day-to-day needs, we use our income to pay for bigger expenses, like our homes, cars, and student loans. We save it, invest it, and we use it to protect our major purchases.

Now, what happens when you lose that income due to a disabling event? How long would you be able to continue to maintain your current lifestyle without tapping into your savings and/or other assets? Protecting your income with an individual disability policy is, in my opinion, a sound way to help protect you and your family’s financial future. It can help you continue to pay for your day-to-day needs as well as your home, cars, and investments without depleting your savings and other assets.

Talk to one of our professionals today to get more information on how an individual disability policy can benefit you.

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