Major Provider Announces Physician Disability Insurance Premium Reductions

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Ameritas has some great news to share: in late 2015 – in approved states – female rates for their physician disability contracts were reduced!

For their DInamic Foundation Non-cancelable and Guaranteed Renewable as well as Guaranteed Renewable disability income contracts, Ameritas lowered their premium rates for occupation classes 6M-4M. The reduction is as much as 10%!

The following physicians may benefit from this change:

Allergists • Genetic Physicians • Internists/Internal Medicine PhysiciansOncologists (excluding Surgical Oncologists) • Radiologists (excluding Vascular/Interventional Radiologists) • Endocrinologists • Hematologists • Nephrologists • Pediatricians • Rheumatologists • Family/General Practice Physicians • Hemoncologists • NeurologistsPsychiatrists/Psychologists (PhD)

Don’t miss out on these discounted rates. Contact us to see if this change may benefit your specific policy.

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