Is COVID-19 a disability claim?

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Claims departments of larger disability insurance companies have reported a few key factors to be aware of that we thought we would share.

When we look at disabilities, we consider the insured’s restrictions and limitations that are preventing them from working. If they have the coronavirus and are restricted from working because they could cause harm to themselves or others by spreading the virus, that would be considered a disability as long as they also meet the basic requirements for a valid claim, which include:

  1. The insured meets the definition of disability in their policy

  2. The insured’s attending physician is certifying the disabling condition

  3. The insured is under the appropriate care for the condition

  4. The insured meets the required elimination/waiting period before benefits begin

In addition to the above, it should be noted that if an insured is choosing not to work or not allowed to work per the instructions of their employer because of fear of getting the coronavirus, that would be a different situation. It would very likely not be characterized as a valid disability since they do not meet the basic requirements of a disability per their policy, which includes having a sickness or injury.

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