Don’t Forget About Business Overhead Expense Insurance!

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

When a physician who owns his or her own practice comes to one of our agents, the breadth of coverage to consider is often not understood. Being able to keep your business doors open and your operation running at full capacity while you are disabled shouldn’t be overlooked or disregarded so easily. There is coverage available that can help minimize the toll business expenses can take not only on your practice, but on your financial situation at home, too.

Business Overhead Expense Insurance (BOE) is a type of disability insurance that is designed to reimburse owners of businesses for normal expenses necessary to maintain the business while disabled. This type of insurance provides monthly payments to your business for a specified period of time so you can continue to pay your routine expenses, such as rent.

BOE’s cover a lot more than just your rent and electricity bills. Below is just a small list of what Business Overhead Expense insurance can cover:

– Loan and Mortgage Interest – Telephone Bill – Laundry, Maintenance and Janitorial services – Legal and Accounting services – Employee Benefits – Insurance Premiums – Automobile Expenses – Employee Salaries

I invite you to read a blog post from a few months back that explains this coverage in a little more detail: Protect Your Business as a Part of Your Physician Disability Insurance Policy

If you would like to discuss how this coverage can enhance your policy, or if your current coverage is enough, contact us to speak to one of our experienced agents.

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