Disability Insurance is Important for You and Your Staff

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Disability is important to everyone; not just you as a physician, but your staff as well.

Recently my New Business Manager got sick after a couple of years of breast surgeries for initial cancer onset. She went through 4-5 surgeries and unfortunately now has a ‘super bug’ infection. Since they cannot exactly get it identified and treated, she is out on disability for a minimum of 6-9 months to get it under control.

My point: When you have your health and “everything is good,” take the time then to get your disability plan taken care of. It does not matter if your income is $5,000 per month or $100k per month. If you lose 9 months of that pay it can be very damaging to the family lifestyle.

Again, disability is important to everyone. Plan for it through your own physician disability policy and help your staff plan for it with their own disability insurance. If any of you develop a health issue you will be glad you placed that financial risk with a carrier so they can handle the financials and you can focus on your health.

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