Benefit Tip: The Good Health Benefit on Your Physician Disability Insurance

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

A number of auto insurance companies will reward their customers’ safe driving behaviors by providing a premium reduction or perhaps an added benefit to their policy. Likewise with disability insurance, Ameritas has a built-in provision called the Good Health Benefit.

How It Works For every consecutive policy year you complete without receiving any benefits under the policy, Ameritas will reduce the elimination period by two days.  The elmination period is the number of days a person needs to be disabled in order to begin receiving benefits.. In no case will the elimination period be reduced to less than 30 days.

This time adds up, and could make a huge difference if you ever do need to file a claim. Each policy treats the details of this benefit a little differently, so it’s important to understand what you have.

I invite you to read this blog post by Cheryl Eberting, RHU about a client she had that was helped by the wording of the benefit in his policy.

To find out more about this provision for your policy, contact us today.

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