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What are My Top 5 Clifton-Strengths?

I learned about Gallup’s Strengths about 10 years ago and then really dove into it when we had a team engagement session about 6 years ago.

I fell in love with the information that was presented to me and it has shaped how I interact at home
but also was very influential on how I take care of my clients even now today.

My top 5 are:

1) Input
2) Responsibility
3) Learner
4) Focus
5) Communication

When you understand your package of themes, you are more self-aware, and more confident and you are able to have better communication on a personal basis as well as in business.

In Business, my clients benefit from my #focusontalents because I specialize in an area that fits my personality. To read more about *Why My Talents are Great For My Clients* please check out my blog here:

Other Resources:

My Top 5:
Gallups Website:


Note: The StrengthsFinder Assessment has been re-named to CliftonStrengths by Gallup, Inc. Both terms are used in this video interchangeably and refer to the same assessment. The terms discussed within the videos are from Gallup’s curriculum and the work of Don Clifton.

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What is your specialty?


What are My Top 5 Clifton-Strengths?



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