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Focus on Tech: 3 Tech Myths that can leave you at risk every day

In this episode, my guest Bryan and I discuss multiple Tech Myths that can leave YOU at risk every day.

Bryan from Echelon Technologies provides so much information in this episode and leaves you with multiple takeaways for you to start applying to your home and office today.

I am too small for criminals to go after me!
I just need an IT department.
I only need to review my tech training 1x a year.

Other topics covered are:

SMB = Small to Medium Business = Largest victim of CyberSecurity Breaches!
Soft Targets = this is US!
Gateway Targets = Using US to get to the bigger enterprise companies.
Enterprise Organizations = Bigger Business vs. SMB
BEC = Business Email Compromise
P-I-I = Personal Identifiable Information
Phishing is a fake email to prompt you to do something, typically with an attachment with malware or hyperlink.

We discuss how we are usually at fault when it comes to breaches from the bad guys.
**Humans can be your weakest links inside of your businesses!**

Please listen until the end to learn about these techniques and must-do’s that you can implement today:

1) Start with your cybersecurity today and weekly! Not quarterly or annually!
2) Learn the “Stop Look and Think” Method
3) Practice the “SLAM Method”

We hope you enjoy learning how to protect yourself, your family, and your businesses!

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Focus on Tech: 3 Tech Myths that can leave you at risk every day



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