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Focus on Talents and Money: How to have Resilience and Longevity in your Life

In today’s episode, we welcome back Ann to discuss insurance planning and how she helps clients. But first, we dive into the mindset and a discussion about longevity and how we can shape our futures today.

She shares two amazing client stories.

The first story is about a Physician OBGYN who had to go onto disability due to a virus of “unknown origins” and how her client handled being told he was disabled and that he had to go on claim. He had Own Occupation so was able to be on a claim and still work.

If you are working with a team for your planning, please consider working with someone that can explain all the riders and although it is a complex topic, consider riders like the “Future Purchase Option.”

We discuss Future Increase Options and Future Purchase Options and how people can be underinsured. Luckily, her client had the provisions that he needed.

The second story is about her client that had a brain tumor and she explains the story about getting the call. This was a big wake-up for Ann. She explains she is sure to talk with her clients about all types of products that a family may need. Thankfully, her client had life insurance when he passed. Her client’s spouse says that although she has lost her best friend, she was financially safe and that helped her through that time.

How to find Ann? You can reach her via email at [email protected].

The AFP Group
602 Sawyer Street, Suite 120
Houston, Texas 77007

Thank you for listening!

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Focus on Talents and Money: How to have Resilience and Longevity in your Life



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