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Focus on Risk: What is the concept of People Insurance and Insuring your Golden Eggs?

For those of you that are taking charge of your life and your financial well-being, are you working with teams that handle “People Insurance?”

Unsure about what this means? My guest today, Ann Baker Ronn, will break down what this means to her and her clients in this episode of #ThePathwaysofPeakPerformance.

As a Third Generation Advisor, she has created a fun but educational way to help people navigate and pinpoint the correct insurance products for their needs; finding products that match the risk management problems they may be facing.

She will talk about insuring your golden eggs!

What we know:

-We insure our homes, and our cars, and we even insure our jewelry.
-If something happened to your jewelry, it wouldn’t impact your life. You might be sad.
-If you lost a house or a car, you can always borrow/rent a car, or live somewhere temporarily.
**But if you lose your ability to go to work and earn an income there is no other YOU.**

This season and into the New Year, can you think of ways to either protect your golden eggs or help someone else protect theirs?

An important time stamp is 9:23 where Ann tells a story about a client who wasn’t earning money but still returned to check in with his clients after a disability. Just the act of showing up and making some phone calls turned off his group contract. Don’t rely on just your group disability benefits.

How to find Ann?
You can reach her via email at [email protected].

The AFP Group
602 Sawyer Street, Suite 120
Houston, Texas 77007

What is your specialty?


Focus on Risk: What is the concept of People Insurance and Insuring your Golden Eggs?



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