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Focus on Money: Day 8 of Amber’s “12 Days” of Financial Tips

On *Day Eight* of Amber’s “12 Days” of Financial Tips, let’s be sure to take advantage of any tax advantaged accounts that make sense to you or the household.

Referring back to the automated savings post from yesterday, taking advantage of pre-tax accounts is always a great idea.

However, we always look to sprinkle money into accounts that are all not tied up by the government.

A good example is the freedom inside of an HSA account. You can have tax advantages while also having access to the account balance if you want to if there is an approved expense.

**FSAs typically require you to use the money by the end of the year as they traditionally don’t have rollovers. Talk with a tax advisor for more rules.*

Not everyone has access to an HSA, but consider using tax advantage accounts especially if there is a match from your employer, but also leaving some liquid savings so that all isn’t locked up away from you in case of a specific need comes up.

What is your specialty?


Focus on Money: Day 8 of Amber’s “12 Days” of Financial Tips



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