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Focus on Money: Day 6 of Amber’s “12 Days” of Financial Tips

On *Day Six* of Amber’s “12 Days” of Financial Tips, let’s be reasonable with our spending.

Yes…I am talking to both you and me my friend!

With the ease of a click, I purchased most of my daughter’s birthday gifts online through Amazon, Target, and a few other sites this year.

As much as I wish everything could be purchased from a small business locally and all in the USA, as a busy business owner, I have to use tech to help me stay on top of things vs. being on the road to shop and find deals and to get everything in a timely fashion.

My strategy was to have a spreadsheet of the items purchased to track spending and to see what I have so I wasn’t overbuying and forgetting about what is hidden in the house; hiding away from @vivianroseknows until the time is right. This also helped others who wanted to buy a gift for her but wasn’t sure where to shop. I had enough items to put their name on vs. having them run out and buy something she wasn’t interested in. That saved some of my family members a trip and then they just venmo’d me cash for the item.

What steps are you doing to watch your spending during the holidays?

What is your specialty?


Focus on Money: Day 6 of Amber’s “12 Days” of Financial Tips



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