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Focus on Money: Day 11 of Amber’s “12 Days” of Financial Tips

On *Day Eleven* of Amber’s “12 Days” of Financial Tips, let’s be sure to use our time wisely and put the holiday decor pack-up to good use!

Nearing the end of December, take a look around at the cozy, glowy festive home you have!

Any items that didn’t make it on the shelf this year, should really be reconsidered. Plus, since they are already in another spot, consider that a sign that you are ready to box them up to rotate them out of the house.

Pro tip: If the items haven’t made it out in a year or 2, then it is time to gift the items you are not using.

This article may help:

Especially if you have updated your house and those colors just don’t match the overall vibe in the house anymore, you will not be pulling those back out and you know it! Just donate that stuff!

As much as it feels bad to spend money but then remove the items from the house, think of the space you are creating and the mindset feeling more clear as you go through the motions.

Make sure to take this time to really clear out space. What is your tip to motivate yourself to purge?

What is your specialty?


Focus on Money: Day 11 of Amber’s “12 Days” of Financial Tips



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