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Focus on Money: Day 10 of Amber’s “12 Days” of Financial Tips

On *Day Ten* of Amber’s “12 Days” of Financial Tips, let’s be sure to take the time to have the conversation and to get organized.

Organizing can take so many shapes for people. Let’s see how you do with just a few of these:

-Do you have a person that is designated to handle your affairs?
-Are all beneficiaries up-to-date on your policies?
-Do you and/or your spouse/partner, have a tracking system for important documents, policy numbers, and contact info?

I can’t stress the importance of this but I also am an #arranger according to my #cliftonstrengths assessment so wanting to do this is a little easier for me than some (insert my husband here!).

So, if that isn’t your talent to batch organize or to talk about how is managing and who you are delegating to, try to find a system that will motivate you to get this knocked out to set the tone for the year.

If you just feel lost and don’t know where to start, let us know and we can point you in the right direction.

What helps you to stay organized?

What is your specialty?


Focus on Money: Day 10 of Amber’s “12 Days” of Financial Tips



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