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Female Focused: Life Insurance Awareness Month

This Female Focused video series is for the Pathways Category called “Focus on Risk.”

Women have special “Considerations” when looking at life insurance and insurance rates. FYI: Rates are also called premium costs. This video reflects on how Infertility or Diagnostic Fertility check-ups may affect your insurance rates at the time of application.

Typically rates online are shown at only the best classifications. The best rate costs from the insurance carrier. But often, if you have any medical or pharmacy history or are in the middle of a round of fertility either by IVF or IUIs, the best rates may not be available to you.

This is case-by-case scenario and I am happy to walk you through your personal differences in a complimentary consultation. I can then take your personal experience to an insurance underwriter to find you the best options since I am an #insurancebroker.

**Women have many additional factors facing their life insurance planning and I hope my videos bring you the awareness you need, to think about what steps you should be taking for yourself and your family or business.

Let me know if you have any questions about this and how to get yours today! Please contact me at [email protected] or you can book with me here:

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Female Focused: Life Insurance Awareness Month



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