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 The Physicians Edition: Ethan & Amber discuss COLA and FIO Riders

In this episode, my guest Ethan Abramowitz and I discuss Own Occupation Disability Income Insurance Contracts again. 

**This time, we have a larger focus on the COLA rider = Cost of Living Adjustment Rider as well as the Future Purchase Options.**

COLA riders would allow for your monthly benefits to keep up with inflation if you were on a total disability claim.

Future Increase Options have a  cost associated with buying the rider.
-These are available annually.
-Not every carrier offers this type of rider.

Future Purchase Options may also be called:
-Benefit Updates
-Benefit Increase Riders
-Benefit Purchase Riders

These are typically every third year and have no costs associated.

It is great to get insight from an attorney’s perspective! If you have a question for Ethan, you can reach him here:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 215-735-4222

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 The Physicians Edition: Ethan & Amber discuss COLA and FIO Riders



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