Physicians needing Specialty Specific Disability have access to

multiple discounted Own Occupation Contracts 

if certain criteria is met.


To find out more - please contact our team to walk you through the process.


Prior to Active Duty status, physicians can "rate lock" higher benefit amounts at their current age.

Please inquire now, as we often meet physicians once on Active Duty status and this reduces the coverage allowed at application. 

Variables That May Affect Your Original Policy

  • Are You Active Duty?

  • Do You Have Any Upcoming Deployment Orders?

  • Do You Have An Anticipated Discharge Date?

  • Do You Plan To Go Over 20 Years In Service?

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If You Are Already Active Duty

If you are active duty, you can purchase a minimum of $2,000 of monthly benefits, sometimes higher

Get a Quote to Determine How Much Coverage you Qualify For

If you are active duty and already secured your disability insurance plan, you can suspend your payments; hence suspending your coverage too.


Carriers will require written notice from the client asking to suspend their disability insurance contract and a copy of their military orders calling them to active duty.

Suspension of Insurance:

You may suspend this Policy if the Insured enters active military service of any country or international authority or is in a reserve component of the armed forces of the United States, including the National Guard. To request a suspension of this Policy, You must send Us Your Written Request providing information that Insured is eligible for the suspension. If the Insured is eligible We will suspend this Policy from the date of receipt of Your Written Request for suspension (or a later date if requested by You) and refund to the premium payor any unearned premiums for the period of suspension. This suspension does not apply to active duty for training which is scheduled to last 90 days or less.

During any period of suspension:

this Policy will not be In Force:

no Monthly Benefits, Waiver of Premium, or any other Policy benefit will be available; 

payment of premiums will not be required; and

no dividends, if any, will be payable.

If the Insured is released from active duty within 5 years from the date the Insured entered active military service, You may restore this Policy. Send Us Your Written Request within 90 days of the Insured's release from active duty and pay the required premium due. We will not require Proof of Insurability. The premium rate will be the same as if the Policy had not been suspended. The restoration will be Effective as of the date of termination of active duty subject to payment of the required premiums. Subject to the limitations below, the restored Coverage(s) shall be on the same basis as before the date of suspension.

The time periods specified in the Limitation of Pre-Existing Conditions For Coverage provision are not changed as a result of a suspension and restoration of Coverage(s). The time periods that each Coverage is in Force prior to the suspension and In Force after the restoration becomes Effective shall accumulate for that Coverage to determine the satisfaction of the time periods specified in the Limitation Of Pre-Existing Conditions For Coverage provision.

The restored Policy will only cover Disabilities caused or contributed to by, or resulting from, an accidental bodily injury that occurs or an illness or disease that first appears (makes itself known) after restoration becomes Effective.

If this Policy is in a state of suspension on the Policy Anniversary on or next following the Insured's 65th birthday, this Policy cannot be renewed and will terminate in accordance with the Termination provision.

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