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Perks in your disability contract – even if you don’t have a disability

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that client just received a check for $2,840 – about 2x their annual premium – and he did not even have a disability.

Ameritas has a feature in their disability contract that I think a lot of policyholders tend to forget about. The feature is the “Treatment of Non-Disabling Injuries”. Under this provision you do not need to have a disability with a loss of income. This provision is built into the policy and has no extra premium cost to the insured.

Ameritas will pay the expense of such treatment up to $3,000 Maximum Amount per Event (as many as you might have over the life of the policy) if you suffer an injury while the policy is in force that requires medical treatment prescribed by a Physician or Dentist.

There’s some fine print to keep in mind, though:

  1. Only for expenses incurred while this policy is in force within 90 Days from the injury date
  2. Only if a claim is submitted within 365 days from the injury date
  3. Provided no other benefits are payable under this policy or any of its riders

If a Non-Disabling Injury develops into a Disability for which monthly disability benefits are paid, any benefits which have been paid under this provision will be offset against the monthly disability benefits. 

Good contracts are not just there in case of catastrophic claims! Let us help find the best policy for you. With over 25 years of experience, we can guide you through your unique situation.

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Perks in your disability contract – even if you don’t have a disability