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Optometrists needing Specialty Specific Disability have access to

multiple discounted Own Occupation Contracts 

if certain criteria is met.


Please contact our team to walk you through the process.

How Discounted Rates Work


You will typically have access to resident or fellow discounts through the end of training and often at least up to 2-6 months post your last day of training.  Don't be fooled by those agents claiming that the discount ends on the last day of training. They are just trying to pressure you into making a decision earlier than required, although we don't recommend waiting as your health is a key factor in obtaining an approval.  

Optometrists Benefit Guidelines_MD Disab

Other Factors

We do not recommend waiting to apply for coverage. If you are able to budget a lower amount, under the standard resident/fellow limits, that is still better than leaving yourself exposed without an insurance contract.  There are multiple reasons you don't want to leave yourself exposed without insuring your income from your specific specialty. If you develop a health issue or inconclusive medical history noted in your records, that could prevent you from acquiring a policy or the policy could have an exclusion on it for that medical issue.  A few other reasons are that pricing continues to climb until you lock in your contract pricing. Also, you might move to a more expensive state and finally you might miss out on the current discounts that are available depending on your employment status.

If in practice, income and group insurance rules would apply. 


If you are within 6 months of training ending and have a signed employment contract for your Attending position or are already an Attending, income can be used to higher limits:

Financial Document Summary_MD Disability
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