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Life Insurance Carriers Starting to Adjust Their Policy Deliveries

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We were notified this week that some carriers are going to start including the following language in the delivery requirements (to be signed upon receipt of a new policy) which will preclude many hospital workers from obtaining a policy:

“I have not exhibited signs of respiratory distress, fever, been self isolating under medical advice or have been exposed to COVID-19. I have also not had a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19.”

All of that is fine in my opinion except, “have been exposed to COVID-19.” With that phrase, the carriers using this are really saying that due to the issues and risks we are currently facing, we are not going to insure police, firefighters, EMS, physicians, PA’s, and all of the hospital employees.

My argument on behalf of the medical population is this: if it is part of your regular occupation to be exposed to COVID-19 patients, and you put all of the protection in place that is available to you and you are symptom-free, then you should be able to obtain a policy.

If you are buying a policy during these times be sure to have your rep really research the carrier you are applying with. The rep should know – under current market conditions – if the carrier would approve you as an insured and that you should pass any delivery receipt statements being required.

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Life Insurance Carriers Starting to Adjust Their Policy Deliveries