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How to Make the Application Process for Physician Disability Insurance Go Smoothly

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During the course of underwriting applications for physician disability insurance, we have seen some common issues that can prolong the underwriting process.

Issue #1 – Delay in obtaining medical records

One such issue that we experience frequently is the delay in obtaining medical records from your personal physicians. Any medical records and treating physician narratives that can be provided at the time of application certainly help expedite this process along.

Issue #2 – Working with treatment records that technically do not exist

Addressing these issues can allow your coverage to begin as soon as possible.

We often encounter a scenario where physicians do not have available records if consultations and treatment, or prescribed medications, were rendered by a colleague as a professional courtesy rather than an “official” appointment. As a result, there is no documentation to forward to an insurance company to review in completing the medical underwriting. When treatment records do not exist due to “professional courtesy,” many times asking for a narrative from that treating physician will suffice and not halt the underwriting process.

When applying for physician disability insurance, you want to have all of your records and documentation available up front so that your coverage can begin as soon as possible. Contact us to get the process started and protect your income in the event of disability.

(Are you wondering if you can qualify for coverage if you have less-than-perfect medical history?  Read our FAQ section where we address this question.  We also invite you to visit our glossary if you want to research the definition of underwriting and many other terms.)

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How to Make the Application Process for Physician Disability Insurance Go Smoothly