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Guidelines for Future Purchase Options are:

  • The purchase rider waives future medical underwriting.

  • The premium rates for the increase options vary, depending on the carrier. 

  • The contract has mandatory policy requirements every third year of your contract.

*There are some exceptions if you are a physician within the first two years post-graduation, please contact us to learn more.

Principal's Increase Rider is Called a Benefit Update
Standard's Increase Rider is Called a Benefit Increase Rider
Guardian's Increase Rider is Called Benefit Purchase Rider
Guardian_MD Disability Quotes

With these carriers, their policy anniversaries are offered once every three years, within months of your contract anniversary and requires mandatory

steps on your behalf.


Our team is here to help with your policy service!

Contact your MDDQ representative today, to assist with your policy requirements to meet your increase option deadline.


Benefit Updates have zero cost on the disability contract, but you only have the option to increase once every 3rd year.

In the third year, the carrier will review your income documentation and all other disability insurance you have at that moment to determine how much you qualify for.

You will need to maintain 50% of that benefit level in order to retain this feature.


In addition, there are two accelerators to the every 3rd year check point:

A:  You have lost a group disability insurance plan (think finishing residency and the group plan expires);

B:  You have a 20% or greater income increase in any given year.

With a free increase option rider, you must complete the mandatory requirements every third year of your policy, but can inquire about what you are eligible for; based upon your current income and disclosure of any work related group disability benefits any year, if you wish.

Financial requirements that will be required of you:

Screen Shot 2020-10-28 at 8.47.43 PM.png

Monthly payments are automatic while annual payments can be made by calling the numbers below.

If you have further questions on how to make your payments, please contact your advisor.  

Guardian_MD Disability Quotes

For check by phone:


Call customer service for payments (NO online version)

^ You can update addresses, review policy benefits, setup and change payment options here.

If you have a bank change or address update to submit, please contact your advisor for easy updates.

For Secure Upload of Documents

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