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Physicians falling under Federal Employment have access to multiple discounted Own Occupation Contracts through MDDQ. Employees to include:

Federal Employees

State, Local or Municipal Employees

VA Employees

Please contact our team to walk you through the process.

Typical Carrier Guidelines

  • Assumes 40% taxable GLTD up to a maximum of $10,000 for federal employees.

  • Assumes 60% taxable GLTD up to a maximum of $10,000 for state and local employees.

  • May assume a maximum issue limit of $10,000 depending on carrier rules

Typical Rules regarding group or FERS benefits, but can vary between carriers:


For some carriers, if eligible for GLTD within the next 1 year, it must be counted.

For some carriers, if eligible for GLTD within the next 3 years, it must be counted.

If employed under 1 year, some carriers may allow for you to waive the 40% calculation.

Other Factors

We do not recommend waiting to apply for coverage. There are multiple reasons you don't want to leave yourself exposed without a disability contract. If you develop a health issue or inconclusive medical history noted in your records, that could prevent you from acquiring a policy or the policy could have an exclusion on it for that issue.  A few of the other reasons are that prices continue to climb until you lock down the contract. Also, you might move to a more expensive state for the policy and finally you might miss out on the current discounts that are available depending on your employment status. 

At application, income and group insurance rules would apply.

Financial Document Summary_MD Disability

How Discounted Rates Work


You will typically have access to some discounts as an Attending through our network.  Don't be fooled by those agents claiming that the discount ended on the last day of training. We do have some options for you at this time and would be happy to walk you through your options to obtain Own Occupation coverage.

FERS = Federal Employee Retirement System
Public Employee = Teacher, Municipal, State or Federal Employee
GLTD = Group Long Term Disability